We want to keep you safe and make sure you have a great experience at our online events. We have created this code of conduct to clearly set out our promises to you, and our expectations of you.

This code of conduct is for you whether you are an attendee, a speaker, or a sponsor.

If you do not abide by this code of conduct, AMA reserves the right to remove you from the event. We ask and expect everyone to adhere to this code of conduct.

The code of conduct

  • Be respectful of others, of different opinions, different viewpoints and experiences. It goes without saying, but do not use offensive or inflammatory language or share offensive or inflammatory content. We want this to be a safe space for everyone.  
  • This includes, but isn’t limited to, language and content that’s sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or sexually explicit.  
  • It’s easy to misconstrue meaning when reading someone’s words in a chat box. Give the benefit of the doubt and be kind in your interactions.   
  • Challenge and debate are positive and we welcome them in our online events. If you disagree with someone’s idea, challenge or address the idea rather than criticise the individual.  
  • Respect confidentiality. Where a host has stated that ‘Chatham House Rules’ apply, this means the content shouldn’t be shared outside of the session and attributed to a particular person.  
  • Links to access the event platform and any resources shared with you are intended only for you. Please do not share them unless asked to. 
  • Please do not record sessions.  
  • If attendees share links with you, only click them if you are happy that they are legitimate. AMA cannot take responsibility for links shared by third parties.

We will do our utmost to ensure safety and quality throughout the conference. However, no online platform is immune to trolls and hackers. In the unlikely event that the integrity of a session is compromised for any reason, the AMA staff member hosting the session will deal with the situation and – if necessary – terminate the session early