Announcing the AMA Freelancer Directory

We’re excited to launch our Freelancer Directory, a searchable listing of freelancers offering services to the arts and cultural sector.

You can filter by geographical area and/or service offered, and it’s available for anyone to browse.
It’s early days as we build it up, but there’s already a wealth of experience and expertise represented in there, and we’ll be adding to this as time goes on, following the launch of our new membership package for freelancers.

The new membership package gives freelancers a more affordable option which includes a listing in the directory, plus access to a closed, freelancer member-only email discussion group to share questions and learning.

We’ve already had a really positive response to the directory from members looking to find freelancers in their area, and as we spread the word, we’re looking forward to seeing this grow. We’d love it if you could help us raise awareness, and whether you are a freelancer or someone who works with freelancers, we hope you find it useful as it develops.