AMA partners on Tech In Culture EDI Alliance

AMA’s proud to partner with Substrakt on their new EDI Partnership – focusing on the administrators, leaders and suppliers to the cultural sector through a lens of diversity and inclusion.

Substrakt were inspired to found this initiative as “Whilst there are important and impactful initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion when it comes to the work and performers on our stages, the administrators, leaders and suppliers to the sector haven’t always had the same focus. And we cannot, as a sector, claim to be truly inclusive unless we are representative both on, and off, our stages.”

AMA wholeheartedly agrees with this, and is delighted to partner on the project, which aligns with our key priorities around EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion). The initiative aims to bring organisations who support the organisations who are ‘culture sector adjacent’ – those who work with and to support the sector (service providers, sector support organisations etc) to share knowledge, resources, and ideas that can support their EDI efforts.

Partners of the initiative commit to:

  • Share our EDI resources wherever possible.
  • Share our EDI knowledge to help other organizations.
  • Amplify their EDI work through our communities and networks
  • Champion their EDI initiatives
  • Seek out and explore ways we can work together on EDI in the Arts
  • Commit to having a senior person in the business responsible for being the key contact for EDI.
  • Commit to factoring EDI efforts into your business plans. It doesn’t matter what stage of maturity your organization is at on this issue, the commitment is that wherever your baseline is, you put plans in place to strive for improvement where needed.

As part of AMA’s 360 degree Diversity Strategy, AMA does many of these things already and we see this as an opportunity to add to our work through building more connections and “joining more dots” across the sector so we can work towards the wholesale change that is needed. You find resources on diversity and inclusion on CultureHive.

Founded by Substrakt in close collaboration Tech Charter UK, the Tech in Culture EDI Alliance aims to share and amplifying practices that make a difference.

Other partners include One Further, Spektrix, Storythings and Supercool. The AMA is delighted to be working alongside them.