AMA is an Arts Council England Sector Support Organisation

AMA is an Arts Council England Sector Support Organisation 

AMA is officially an Arts Council England Sector Support Organisation! Sector Support Organisations (SSO) are a new category within Arts Council England’s National Portfolio. SSOs play a vital role in supporting the cultural sector, but don’t directly deliver or produce content themselves. Instead, they aim to support the wider cultural sector in the following ways:  

  • Talent development and artistic innovation 
  • Understanding and growth of audiences   
  • Creating a more skilled and diverse workforce   
  • Creating a more resilient cultural sector  
  • Embedding better provision and access for children and young people.   

SSOs are a diverse range of organisations working across all art forms supported by Arts Council England, and AMA is proud to be counted among them.  

AMA’s SSO funding will help continue the delivery of the CultureHive programme, including the Audience Diversity Academy, and the CultureHive resources website. For more details about CultureHive, visit the CultureHive website.