Jessica Blake-Lobb

South East England
Chichester Festival Theatre

With over 20 years’ experience in arts marketing and communications, Jessica has been part of the team at Chichester Festival Theatre since 2009.

As Marketing Manager (Corporate), she works with the development and catering teams, and is responsible for the group, tourism and accessibility marketing strategy. With a passion for family work, high standards of customer service and making meaningful community relationships, she spearheaded the launch of a Family Arts Network in Chichester in 2023.

Outside of the office, Jess is married with two children: a keen bargain hunter and fair-weather runner along her favourite stretches of the coastline.

The AMA has been an important part of my professional life, offering support, ideas and a space to think and grow. I am delighted to be a Regional Associate and help support other arts professionals’ benefit from the range and breadth of knowledge and resources via the AMA and can’t wait to offer more networking opportunities across the South Coast.