Jeni Raw

Chelmsford Museum and Hylands Estate

Jeni’s journey into arts marketing follows a very short-lived career as a set designer. After over a decade of working with customers, audiences, visitors, stakeholders, team members, board members, volunteers, politicians, and small animals and children, she thinks she may have found what it is she’s meant to do.

She is currently Marketing Business Partner for Chelmsford Museum and Hylands Estate, for Chelmsford City Council. Previous work has included: Marketing Manager at the New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich, and Marketing Team Leader for Ipswich Borough Council’s cultural venues Ipswich Regent Theatre & Corn Exchange and Ipswich Museums. She has also worked with SPILL Festival of Performance to support their festival, and working with the marketing team at the Mercury Theatre Colchester – the place that started her whole marketing journey.

Her involvement in local government has also seen her work on campaigns around sports, parks, community safety, and local elections.

Jeni enjoys a campaign that challenges the status quo, that involves richer engagement with audiences where their voices can be heard, and that changes the behaviours and attitudes of audiences towards a venue – where they can see themselves belonging and being empowered to use it.