Beckie Smith

South West
Flying Geese

Beckie is passionate about bringing arts, heritage and cultural organisations closer to their audiences, visitors and stakeholders.

Having previously been Head of Global Marketing for International Theatre Interactive, she founded Flying Geese Marketing and Development Consultancy in 2017.

She specialises in working with medium sized organisations where income is tight and targets can be tough, but an audience member’s journey and relationship with the venue and programme provides genuine excitement. She has a wealth of experience on a global and international level where finance and income are paramount, and commercialism is the name of the game.

Beckie is a strategic thinker who take a considered approach and combine natural logical thinking with our ability to understand the bigger picture, and confidence to listen to, or ignore, gut reaction.

She is also a lateral thinker, so some of her ideas are slightly less obvious, but come hand-in-hand with some of the best rewards out there. She is brave enough to take an educated risk with a view of trying something new and making waves in the industry.

Unusually Beckie spans the field. She offers strategic marketing and audience development consultancy and leads with confidence. She sees the big picture and help you navigate into the future with solid, proven experience. At the same time, she creates and deliver day-to-day marketing campaigns for many organisations, so she absolutely understands the realities of working in a small and volunteer-led team. She knows what needs to happen to make things realistic and manageable and often she actually delivers the marketing outputs of campaigns.