Andrew Davies

Gallery Cultural Connector
The Barber Institute of Fine Arts

After a decade or so as a journalist on regional papers, writing about everything from terrorism threats, through cheese-rolling, to conceptual art, I jumped the fence to combine my journalism and comms experience with my history of art degree for a career in galleries communications, PR, marketing and membership development. I’ve always been passionately interested in art and heritage, theatre, literature and audiences – and convinced of the potential to share and grow our followers and fans between the organisations we work alongside through collaboration.

Outside of work, I’m found either traipsing round a hillside on a mountain bike in the wake of one of my three teenage boys, trying to stay awake through an arthouse film, or in our unruly vegetable garden, attempting (not very successfully) to coax vegetables to show themselves on the plants before the frosts set in again.

I’ve been an AMA member for nearly 20 years now, and feel in many ways it’s my ‘tribe’. I value immensely the opportunities it provides us to network and learn with our colleagues across all artforms.