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7th August 2018 Jemma Green

My favourite AMA conference Session — Claire Louise Grant

Claire Louise Grant, Marketing Communications Officer, Macrobert Arts Centre

My overall AMA experience was really exciting and I came away with lots of new ideas and thoughts. The one session that really stood out for me was ‘Live and direct – access and subtitles.’ Having only begun my career in arts marketing last year, this is something I have been really keen to implement in our online video content. Personally, I use subtitled videos all the time so I thought it was really important to add these into all of our online videos.

This session taught me some really practical skills about how to add subtitles to any video. Not only did it show me how to add subtitles, it also made me really think about what needs to be included when writing subtitles. Are the sentences short and clear? Is the grammar perfect? Is it obvious that there is a sound or does there need to be a description? How do you subtitle when many people are speaking?

I came away from this session with some really practical skills and now I completely understand how to create and implement subtitles in videos. I also have a much clearer understanding of how to embed the subtitles and export the video, allowing me to upload the subtitled video to all of our channels.

This session really emphasised the number of people using subtitles today and made me think about the process of sound and how everyone hears differently. Psychologically, we want to read things so it really makes sense to have subtitles on videos. It also gave me some really practical tips to take away and use immediately in my organisation. Watch this space for lots of subtitled videos coming your way!

My AMA conference 2018 Top Three

— I took part in a really practical session about subtitling and captioning videos, giving me really good tips that I can use immediately.

— I was able to discuss new ideas with a lots of people, both in sessions and in the socials. This gave me some really good ideas to take away with me.

— I got inspiration from the Keynote speakers, giving me an understanding of the importance of taking a step back to allow creativity and play to come into my thoughts.