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My favourite AMA conference 2018 Sessions — Nolly Bouameur

Nolly Aicha Bouameur, Marketing Campaigns Officer, Midlands Arts Centre.
So I have been working in the sector, as a marketer, producer and general passionate arts person, for around 5 years. Over the course of this time I was harbouring a secret, I didn’t really understand ‘digital marketing’, I mean I knew how to practically use digital marketing tools, but I didn’t really know how to use analytics and tools to help inform my campaigns.
So, up for a challenge and eager to come away from the conference with some cold hard skills I attended two breakout sessions lead by Daniel Rowles, SEO 101 and Do You Measure Up? Throughout the break-out sessions, Daniel provided resources, tips and tricks to navigate the depths of your website and google analytics. Talking us through specific examples and just general online myth busting, Daniel instilled a sense of ‘you’ve got this’, and I have!
The Friday after the conference, I sent round a free resource that Daniel had provided called the Digital Marketing Toolkit, to my department. We spent the afternoon clicking on each resource and just seeing what happened. We did all sorts of things like looking at our social media engagement to see how engaged our audiences are online; we had a little look at the quality of links to our website and even looked at a website called which is totally hypnotic and basically tells you how many people are on the internet, using Facebook, sending emails, signing up to Twitter and Instagram.
Something that really resonated with me, not only from Daniel’s breakout sessions but from the conference as a whole, was that you need to know the basics, have a foundation or even a structure to enable play.
I learnt that without an understanding or even recognising the constructs of some of the aspects of digital marketing, how can you break the rules, play and be daring.

My AMA conference 2018 Top Three

— Don’t be the next Blockbuster: Be progressive, question everything, never rest on your laurels
— The flow of slow is good: Sometimes it’s OK to let go!
— Know your stuff: Then you can make informed better decisions, once you know what the mold is only then can you break it