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7th August 2018 Jemma Green

My favourite AMA conference 2018 Session — Megan Leahy-Donnan

Megan Leahy Donnan, Marketing Assistant, Awen Cultural Trust

Being relatively new to Awen Cultural Trust, I jumped at the opportunity to attend the AMA conference when asked. I was keen to gain a fresh outlook on the industry from not only other attendees but from renowned industry influencers. I was excited to explore hands-on-workshops, debates and discussions which would no-doubt give me tips and information that would help develop my position in the organisation. Oh, and of course I was super excited to visit Liverpool’s vibrant city as I had never actually been before (but always wanted to go).

Without a doubt, my favourite session of the trip was with Daniel Rowles titled ‘SEO 101- Getting the most from your online presence’, something I’ve been working on since starting at Awen in January. As I’m writing this blog I’m going through my notes from this session and it really is remarkable how much I learnt within an hour. Daniel discussed user journey, page optimisation, search engine spiders, keyword placements and LOADS more. He also shared many helpful (free) tools that can help manage our online content and the optimising process…which I am going to live by now I’ve had the chance to suss them out.

As well as Daniels sessions (I think I went to them all), I also thoroughly enjoyed the Keynote speakers. All of them were passionate about the theme (The Power of Play) and got everyone thinking about how Play can be used in a normal day at the office (if there is such a thing). Tatiana from Tumblr really got me inspired to think about mindfulness both during and outside the workplace. I’m definitely going to be following her work.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my first AMA conference. To have had the opportunity to go so early on in my marketing career and meet like-minded, genuinely inspiring and creative people was amazing. I learnt so much and the delicious sandwiches were a scrumptious bonus.

Thanks to AMA for awarding me a bursary to attend. I will be back!

My AMA conference 2018 Top Three

— An increase in confidence to release my creativity

— Connected with other like-minded and creative individuals

— Got to explore parts of a super vibrant and cultural city