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14th August 2018 Jemma Green

My favourite AMA conference 2018 Session — Gabriella Lee

Gabriella Lee, Marketing and Press Assistant, York Theatre Royal

My favourite session was “Building the Basics” with Sarah Ogle. I found it really useful to go back to the beginning with marketing and focus on the building blocks of a good campaign. When you’re so busy it can often be easy to overlook these basics and be constantly trying to race ahead to the next task or the next event and only look at the bigger picture. Sometimes it’s good to take a breath and remind yourself of the fundamentals and theory that you already know and build from there. When these foundations and fundamental building blocks are in place (and secure) you can start to experiment with different approaches and ideas and it was good to be reminded of this. She spoke passionately about where she works and what they do and this was great to hear.

What was especially useful was that Sarah also works in theatre (as I do) so everything she spoke about was completely relatable and relevant to my job.  I’m looking forward to implementing the practical tools she spoke of (and borrowing some of her ideas!) in future campaigns. Know your art, know your audience and then build connections between the two. Create wonder. Keep building.

Sarah also gave us a quote from Tassos Stevens that she often thought of. I loved this quote and have it on a post-it next to my desk now as a reminder that the audience should be kept at the forefront of your mind:

“The experience of an event for its audience begins when they first hear about it and only finishes when they stop thinking about it.” – Tassos Stevens / Coney

My AMA conference 2018 Top Three

— Maintain a work / life balance – you can’t take everything on

— Knowledge is power

— If you go to hen party in Bristol, leave your phone in the hotel – Tom Rainsford, giffgaff