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7th August 2018 Jemma Green

My favourite AMA conference 2018 Session — Cat Scott

Cat Scott, Marketing and Admin Assistant, Kala Sangam Arts Centre

My favourite session had to be the Subtitles talk with Alic from Stage Text. This session really opened up my eyes to how we aren’t putting in enough effort in to make our video content accessible to all deaf and hard of hearing audiences.

Since this talk I have been thinking about how to create good subtitles for our videos and live feeds on social media. One of the most surprising things I learnt about adding subtitles to video content improves your search engine optimisation too, if you input the subtitles on top of the video (rather than embedded in the video). Another interesting fact is that 80-90% of people use subtitles for other reasons other than access needs and 1-2 million people use subtitles everyday on BBC iPlayer!

I am already planning how to include subtitles to our video content and especially into our live feeds at our post-show discussions. I will start by creating some test videos on YouTube, as this is the most popular video platform and their subtitling feature is really easy to use.

Alic mentioned that he would recommend not asking audiences if they have access requirements at our performances, but rather we just make them feel equal to everyone else and provide subtitles for everyone. That way we won’t alienate our audiences when they turn up to our events.

I’m currently in talks with Alic, to see how we can add clear subtitling to our live feeds on Facebook for our post-show discussions. I’m excited to see how we can lead the way in our city of Bradford, by creating accessible and engaging digital content for everyone to enjoy at our exhibitions and performances.

This was my favourite session because it truly opened my eyes to a new way of experiencing the world that will inform the way we record and stream video content to our audiences. I’m looking forward to implementing the skills I learnt from Stage Text, to make our digital content as inclusive and accessible to all from now on.

My AMA conference 2018 Top Three

— Attending the conference alone was a great advantage, as I networked with so many people from arts organisations and freelancers from across the UK. This really enabled me to push myself outside of my comfort zone and meet lots of new people, who not only were interested in the diverse work of Kala Sangam Arts Centre, who I was representing, but also of my own practice as a Visual Artist where I lead projects with artists, scientists and makers (

— One of the highlight talks was by Emma Rice who was incredibly inspiring, whilst being a very down to earth human being. She provided plenty of ideas of how to include elements of play into our daily work and life, such as “environment is key to creativity”.

— Overall, I came out of the AMA Conference feeling confident in not only my skill set, but also my ability to network with other arts professionals, who are mostly above my level as an Assistant. They were all impressed to know that I have been filling in for the Marketing Officer (who’s job is above my level) whilst they’re away on maternity leave and have taken on a great deal of responsibility, which has enabled me to learn and grow into arts marketing. They were all impressed with the fact I’d taken to the challenge so well and this allowed me to feel even more confident in my long-term career progression in arts marketing.