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My 10th year at Digital Marketing Day – Nov 12 2018

Jack Bazeley-Harris, Head of Digital at Cog Design, tells us what he’s most looking forward to about this year’s Digital Marketing Day — Future Now. 

This year will be the 10th year I’ve been to Digital Marketing Day. As you might imagine the idea of what digital is has changed quite a bit over those 10 years, but the idea of Digital Marketing Day hasn’t. It’s a chance for us, as cultural marketers, to explore how we can use digital to connect with our audiences.

Ten years ago we were starting to use social media, getting to grips with how we could use it, often writing in the third person and feeling like we were shouting into a void. At the time, social media was a big part of digital innovation so it was right that the day focussed on speakers sharing their insights about that.

Fast forward to more recent years and the conversations at Digital Marketing Day are still about innovation and how we can connect with our audiences, but the technology that we’re talking about is much different. We know how to use our digital communications’ channels so it’s focussed on how digital fits much more broadly within our organisations and projects.

Last year we heard about DCMS’s Culture is Digital project, Artsadmin’s experience of creating a CRM that helped them to understand the people behind their data, and how the National Holocaust Centre and Museum created a 3D interactive programme to capture the stories of holocaust survivors. And that’s just three of the sessions from a packed day.

Digital Marketing Day is very quickly added to my go-to list of conferences and events each year. It always raises lots of interesting ideas, sparks conversations and gives us great insight into how we’re using digital across the sector.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from this year’s speakers, catching up with lots of familiar faces, and as always, meeting some new ones too. It’ll be exciting to see how the day is shared between London and Glasgow as well.

Join Jack and hundreds of other cultural professionals at Digital Marketing Day — Future Now on 5 December, tickets are still available but going quickly.