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Museums — now and in the future

#25Museums — now and in the future

What is the role of museums now and in the future?  As society changes so do museums and everywhere we see a new impetus as once static institutions become more interactive and immersed in their communities.

Many have re-invented their role and become cultural hubs where visitors can share, interact and co-create.

This need for change has challenged museum professionals to address the goals of collection, conservation and exhibition and balance these with new ways to become relevant for current and future generations.

On AMAculturehive we’ve brought together a mix of case studies, articles reports and research that highlight some of the most forward-thinking museums in the UK and internationally.

You’ll find resources on Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and how video live streaming is being used as an engagement tool alongside practical guides on things like flexible ticketing, segmentation to attract new audiences and making your museum welcoming for people who are blind and partially sighted.

You’ll also find in-depth research and reports on the state of museum access, audience analysis and case studies that support museums to increase the diversity of their visitors.

Our Museum Spotlight aims to guide best practice and inspire new thinking whatever your collection, whatever your size.

Image courtesy of The Postal Museum ©. Mail rail hero. 

AMAculturehive’s Museum Spotlight aims to guide best practice and inspire new thinking.