For Small Organisations to Improve Online and Digital Marketing

Half Days | 19-23 July | Online

Course requirements

You’re working in a small organisation (equivalent of 10 employees or less) with oversight of marketing, including responsibility for web content and promoting your organisation using digital tools, e.g. email, social media.

You want to develop your digital skills to deliver better impact and engagement with your target audiences.

You’re available across five mornings from 19 to 23 July, and are ready for five focused sessions to take your digital activity to the next level.


£75 + VAT*

£105 + VAT*

*Subsidised by Arts Council England. Open to organisations with the equivalent of 10 full time employees or less. One delegate place available per organisation.

Course Structure 

The course covers five essential modules, consisting of a 90 min webinar & 45 mins discussion time:

  • Website building blocks
  • Websites that work
  • Email strategy
  • Social media
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Read more about each module below.

You’ll also be provided with supporting resources, and a follow-up call with one of our trainers after the course.

Space is available for up to 48 delegates. This course is subsidised by Arts Council England. If your organisation is based outside of England and you want to take part, please contact us:

Module 1: 19 July

Website building blocks

Working with your website platform | Search Engine Optimisation | Web data management 

This module will help you understand the components that make a website. It will enhance your current working knowledge of your CMS (Content Management System), and help you understand how to use meta-tags, content style sheets (CSS) and more.

Using this knowledge, you’ll learn how to apply principles and practices to build better SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to make sure you’re visible and getting found online.

We’ll also take a look at the law around data, including GDPR and Privacy Policies, and what that means for you (and your website’s cookies…)

Paul Blundell Headshot

Trainer: Paul Blundell

Paul supports organisations to embrace change and build resilience in their digital operating environments. He has 20 years of experience in full stack web development including front-end user interface design, prototyping, CMS and CRM integration.

Paul Blundell Headshot

Trainer: Paul Blundell

Paul re-joins for the second module. Paul has run many training sessions over the last 15 years and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm in web technology.

Module 2: 20 July

Websites that work

User experience | Accessibility | Goals, conversions and user journeys

This module will help you tune into user online behaviour. Understand what works, what doesn’t, what users want and what you can do to make your website better for your users.

You’ll learn how to apply an understanding of user experience to map and create clear user journeys, to make sure your website is reaching and working for your audiences.

We will also look at accessibility and what that means for your website. You’ll find out where you might be introducing barriers to engagement, and what you can do to fix that.

Module 3: 21 July

Email strategy

Email platforms | Managing data & consent | Copywriting | Subscriber growth

This module will help you improve your existing email marketing. We’ll look at platforms, and possibilities for automation, and how you can approach email marketing strategically.

We’ll provide you with ideas and inspiration on creating copy and calls to action that work, and share tips and best practice to grow your subscriber base.

You’ll also be given a refresher on data opt-in and consent, and what you can and can’t do on email.

Roisin Kirby Headshot

Trainer: Roisin Kirby

Roisin has been an advocate of digital marketing throughout her career. She has helped organisations of all sizes evaluate their current marketing activity and refresh their approach to get better results from their marketing activity.

Layla El Deeb Headshot

Trainer: Layla El Deeb

With over 12 years’ experience in the cultural sector, Layla is passionate about how organisations can use their social media presence to amplify voices; boost access and engagement; and tell compelling stories that speak to audiences. 

Module 4: 22 July

Social Media

Social Media Marketing | Social Media Strategy | Managing the front-line

This module will help you choose the right platforms, and find the right voice for your organisation.

You’ll be confident in selecting which channels are worth your time – and which you can make the case to ignore. We’ll cement your understanding of what good social media looks like and the key principles to apply for positive awareness and engagement.

We’ll help you find and express your voice, and provide tips on what to do when things get tough onlin

Module 5: 23 July

Evaluation & Monitoring

Setting Goals | Analytics | ROI

You’ve done lots of activity, but how do you know what’s working? This module will help ensure you’re building in the right metrics and can interpret what the data is telling you. We’ll also look at digital return on investment (ROI) and attribution.

We’ll look at the Google Suite – Analytics, Search Console, Lighthouse – as well as social media and email analytics. You’ll see how these can work together towards your goals, and how they can help inform your strategy.

You’ll look at digital data collection and gain confidence managing unstructured and multi-source data. We’ll help you understand how to compile and analyse data, and present findings to make your case. This will help your organisational reporting, and measure progress towards goals.

Becca Pratt Headshot

Trainer: Becca Pratt

Becca is a marketing consultant with 10 years’ experience in the arts and entertainment space, and a focus on digital skills. She helps to upskill staff and align their use of social media, websites, digital analytics and Google with organisational and marketing goals.

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If you are interested in taking part in the next round of MicroDigital, please email

Places are limited to 48 only — one delegate per organisation*.  Webinars will be delivered by Zoom.

Cost is £75 for AMA members, and £105 for non-members. All costs exc. VAT.

With thanks to Arts Council England for subsiding this course.

*If more than one person from your organisation would like to attend, please email and your other delegates will be added to a waiting list and offered a space at a later date if a place becomes available.

Follow-Up and Outcomes

After the course, you will get a  30 min follow-up call with a trainer of your choice.

As a result of taking part in this course you should:

  • Be able to make immediate improvements to your website, e.g.:
    • Improve your search ranking
    • Remove barriers to accessibility
    • Improve user experience
  • Be clear on the legal requirements upon you with regard to digital data, cookies and consent
  • Have ideas to improve your email and social media marketing strategy
  • Know how to set up and interpret analytics
  • Know how to evaluate and present data around your website and digital marketing performance