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Become a Mentor

Are you an experienced or emerging manager looking to get the best from the people you lead?

You’ll receive in-depth training at the beginning of the programme to help you understand how you can establish a constructive mentor-mentee relationship, how to manage expectationscommunicate in the role of critical friend constructively and get the best from your relationship with your mentee. 

What will you get from taking part?

  • Establish an effective mentor relationship  
  • Confidence in being a mentor 
  • In-depth training to shape your management style 
  • Enhanced line-management skills 

Become a Mentee

Do you want support and advice about your work and career?  One-to-one guidance from an experienced AMA member can help you:

What will you get from taking part?

  • Develop your skills and maximise your impact as a cultural professional
  • Define your goals and how you can achieve them
  • Discover new opportunities to learn
  • Determine your own solutions to issues at work

“Being an AMA mentor is a great way of supporting future leaders and also learning from them.”
Sebastian Cheswright Cater
Freelance Consultant
AMA Mentor

“My mentor has been invaluable… imparting knowledge of things I wanted to learn and things I had no idea I needed to know, until now. It’s been great to be paired up with someone within the industry who has been in my shoes, got the t-shirt and is now wearing it with style.”
Crayg Ward
Communications & Membership Coordinator
Theatr Clwyd
AMA Regional Associate and Mentee

Who is it for?

  • AMA members looking to be a better line-manager or coach for their team as a Mentor
  • AMA members looking to continue their professional development as a Mentee. 

How do I take part?

The next round of mentoring training will be taking place in 2021. We will have training available to enable you to be a mentor or mentee in the following relationships:

  • Face to face mentoring
  • Peer-to-peer for senior managers and officers who have been in post/role for over 7 years
  • Virtual mentoring

Email Matt at to be added to our advanced notification list. Please state if you’d like to be a Mentee, Mentor or both.