“Mentoring is not the same as training, teaching or coaching, and a mentor doesn’t need to be a qualified trainer or an expert in the role the mentee carries out. They need to be able to listen and ask questions that will challenge the mentee to identify the course of action they need to take in regards to their own development.” 

From the Manchester Metropolitan University guide to mentoring

AMA runs mentoring at various points across the year. When mentoring is open, we’ll include the link on this page.

If you’re interested in being a mentor or mentee but there isn’t an opening right now, send your details to info@a-m-a.co.uk to be added to the waiting list.  

Interested in taking part?

Unfortuantly, mentoring is not currently open for applications, send your details to info@a-m-a.co.uk to be added to the waiting list.

Being a Mentor

Being a mentor can be a great way to improve your management skills. You’ll receive in-depth training at the beginning of the programme to help you understand how you can establish a constructive mentor-mentee relationship, how to manage expectations and get the best from your relationship with your mentee.  

You will learn

  • How to communicate in the role of critical friend
  • Establish an effective mentor relationship   
  • Confidence in being a mentor  
  • In-depth training to shape your management style  
  • Enhanced line-management skills  

Being a Mentee

Do you want support and advice about your work and career?

Being an AMA mentor is a great way of supporting future leaders and also learning from them.

Sebastian Cheswright Cater, Head of UK Theatre & Workforce Development at Society of London Theatre / UK Theatre
AMA Mentor

My mentor has been invaluable… imparting knowledge of things I wanted to learn and things I had no idea I needed to know, until now. It’s been great to be paired up with someone within the industry who has been in my shoes, got the t-shirt and is now wearing it with style.

Crayg Ward. Communications & Membership Coordinator, Theatr Clwyd
AMA Regional Associate and Mentee

A mentor will help you

  • Develop your skills and maximise your professional impact  
  • Define your goals and how you can achieve them
  • Discover new opportunities to learn 
  • Determine your own solutions to issues at work 

How Do I Take Part?

AMA runs mentoring as a stand-alone programme, and sometimes as an element within funded programmes.  

When run as part of a funded programme, AMA typically employs experienced mentors, but for other progammes we train mentors from our membership, to enable you to develop effective mentoring skills.  

Email info@a-m-a.co.uk to be added be added to our waiting list, if there are no currently open programmes.