The AMA has Regional Associates across the UK.

They host free regional meetings for members and are a useful point of contact. 

Regional Associates are AMA members who work for arts, culture or heritage organisations. They are AMA’s eyes ‘on the ground’, feeding back their insights to make sure we’re plugged in to the local as well as national nuances of our sector. They also help spread the word about AMA in their region.

People building foam structures as part of a workshop

If you’re a Service Provider and interested in sponsoring regional meetings, please contact our Strategic Partnerships Manager

Who is my Regional Associate?

Jo Ross Headshot

Jo Ross

South Wales
Alex Lloyd Headshot

Alex Lloyd

North West
Rachael Welsh Headshot

Rachael Welsh

South West
Beckie Smith Headshot

Beckie Smith

South Wales
Toni Cosson

Toni Cosson

South West
Sarah Edmonds Headshot

Sarah Edmonds

Lizzy Wilson Headshot

Lizzy Wilson

North West
Katie Roberts

Katie Roberts

East Midlands
Patricia Bennett Headshot

Patricia Bennett

West Midlands
Rebecca Farkas Headshot

Rebecca Farkas

South East
Photo of Bryony Bishop

Bryony Bishop

Hannah Mason Headshot

Hannah Mason

Northern Ireland
Una Casement Headshot

Una Casement

West Scotland
Shiona Walker Headshot

Shiona Walker

Shamima Noor Headshot

Shamima Noor

Become a Regional Associate

Regional Associates host regional meetings to encourage interaction and involvement of AMA members in their area. They are the ‘local face’ of the AMA.  

Regional Associates help make sure that AMA knows what’s going on in each area and what’s needed by members. 

We know that the challenges in Caernarfon are not likely to be the same as the challenges in Chelsea, and what’s going on in Glasgow is going to be different to Glastonbury. So Regional Associates are really important to help us understand each area.

For those working in a theatre, arts centre, festival, gallery, museum, heritage site, venue, concert hall, or for a touring company, in a role relating to marketing, communications or otherwise engaging and developing audiences, this is your opportunity to shine a light on your experience and develop further. 

For individuals working in organisations such as sector support organisations, service providers or agencies, we have other opportunities you may be interested in, so please get in touch.

Benefits of being a Regional Associate

  • RAs get a 50% subsidy on their AMA Conference ticket 
  • RA-only discounts on all other paid AMA events 
  • Priority notice of AMA training events 
  • Opportunity to have input into what AMA does 

The opportunity gives RAs the chance to gain visibility, exposure and profile-raising opportunities within their local area and the sector. 

Being a Regional Associate is a great way to raise your profile and get to know people in your area. It also gives you the opportunity to work with the AMA to help shape the agenda. 

A Regional Associate talking to delegates

The Application Process

  • Stage 1: Online application form 
  • Stage 2: An informal interview chat with the membership team 

Please note: If selected, you’ll need to be a current AMA member or take out an AMA membership to be eligible to take up the Regional Associate role. You also need to be based in the region of the Regional Associate role you are applying for. 

Apply by completing the form on this page, or if you’d like to know more about what being a Regional Associates involves, please get in touch or see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Regional Associate Application

Apply to be an AMA Regional Associate

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