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13th November 2018 Bea Udeh

Marketing Departments: the Secret Creatives #ADA

English Touring Opera is a Fellow of the ADA 3.0 and share their best kept secrets about the scope of it’s arts marketing team…

When I entered into the arts industry, bright-eyed and full of ideas, I thought that I would be at the centre of a hub of innovation, creativity and magic. I am sure I am not alone. I didn’t want to be on stage or in the rehearsal room but by working for a venue or arts company meant that I was going to be creating a part of that magic (even if it was just with die-cut letter or a viral video).

Fast forward a couple of years and those bright eyes are sometimes dimmed from ambitious schedules, limited resources and that very real pressure to hit targets. I remember the days when I thought a well written letter would make people book instantly. With experience, wisdom and those trusty ROI stats for mailings I have a more nuanced view. And I wonder, is it a little bit pointless?

Short answer… no.

Every now and then we are reminded why we do what we do. Sometimes we need to remember that even though we are not creating the production/dance piece/art installation, we are the ones who get to talk to the masses about it. We get to present this bit of cultural magic to our audience and that is exciting.

Although we don’t create the costumes, we get to ignite our audiences’ imagination and curiosity and make them want to be part of the live experience. We may not be bowing at the end of a show but we are the ones who helped fill the auditorium. We might not be carrying the baton but we are the ones making slick, compelling and exciting videos about the events that makes ticket buyer’s part with their hard-earned cash.

The arts marketing teams in all organisations are the glue that holds everything together. We are the secret creatives. Yes, we have to smash those targets but we can be creative whilst doing it.

Our roles are creative and sometimes we get to create things like this:

Figaro NATIONAL TOUR from Arts Marketing Association on Vimeo.

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