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Making Change — Melanie Eusebe #AMAconf

Business Strategist, Melanie Eusebe, has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and largest organisations, and we’re delighted that she is joining us as a keynote speaker at AMA conference 2019.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’m in my organisation – it’s just me, what can I do to drive change?”, a quick dose of Melanie in the vlog below might be just what you need.

Watch to hear her take on that question, and get tips to spark your thinking and starting your journey towards becoming a change-maker in your organisation.

You’ll want to hear her at conference for more inspiration, energy and ideas on how you – yes, you! – can be the catalyst for change. You’ll get practical ideas and the confidence to take them back to use in your organisation, whatever your level. You have the ability to influence change, and in her conference session, What Will You Do? Melanie will get you thinking deeply about the changes you can make.

To catch Melanie’s keynote, plus all our other fantastic sessions, speakers and socials,  book your place at the AMA conference 2019  and join us in Newcastle Gateshead from 9-11 July.