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17th October 2017 Bea Udeh

Make the same old new: Redefine the mindset. #ADA

Carrie Blake is a Fellow on the Audience Diversity academy (ADA 2.0) and Broadway’s Marketing and Outreach Assistant.  Here she shares her thoughts on building and re-building inclusive audiences.

Dear Diary:  Failure is an option it leads to learning: This has been tough to swallow. But the clue is in the word Experiment. Dust yourself off, learn from this and move on, preferably in an agile fashion. And… People are individuals – Remember that!  What you think will work, might not. Reach out Learn, some organisations and individuals won’t respond in a favourable way, and that’s fine, ask yourself why, you’ll learn from it. UnderstandGrow … Start again!

Like many cultural organisations we often have to achieve a lot with little. So approaches to reach wider audiences through underfunded ‘outreach’ can feel like climbing a mountain.

We know that a box ticking reactive approach makes no lasting difference, so how can we make sure that we move away from approaching engagement in this way?

Diversity is too important to the creative process and the cultural sector to ignore; we know this, we have been having the same conversations for years. So let’s make diversity integral, if this is at the heart of your work and embedded in your organisations approach, then it becomes truthful.

Put the work in to building a lasting offer, opportunities to collaborate and building relationships that go beyond the life of one off projects, and this will become genuine exchange and interaction, redefining the approach to engagement so that this is the thread running throughout everything you do. Well this is work in progress, and experiments are just that, the starting point on a journey. I’ll keep you posted…



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