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19th November 2019 Jemma Green

Lunch-time Talk with Digital Culture Network’s ACE Tech Champions

How to be like Google

What is it about?

This 30 minute talk on how being a “Google” alternative for your audience and followers might be the social media strategy you’ve been looking for. It will cover how Google’s fundamental business model is one that can be applied to your social media output and business ethos. As they say if it’s good enough for Google….

Included is an overview of how to access free support from Tech Champions to realise your social media and digital ambitions.

This lunch-time talk is sponsored by Arts Council England.

View more information on Digital Marketing Day 2019 and book your place.

What will I gain?

— Ways to engage with and build an audience on social media

— Advice on how to create brand advocates

— Information on how to access free support from Digital Culture Network

Who is it for?

Anyone that wants to make more of their social media.


Haydn Corrodus | Tech Champion for Social Media | Digital Culture Network

Haydn Corrodus is a Tech Champion for Social Media at Digital Culture Network /Arts Council England. Haydn has previously worked with brands such as Coca Cola and Unilever on award-winning experiential, social and digital marketing campaigns. He is also a founding partner of We Are Stripes, which works to increase opportunities in the creative industries for people from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Dean Shaw | Tech Champion for Content | Digital Culture Network

Dean Shaw is a Tech Champion for Content and his work with Digital Culture Network helps organisations gain the insights and skills they need to make engaging content that’s loved and shared. Dean is a self-taught Director/Producer of hundreds of pieces of online content with 100+ million views, and has previously worked with brands such as Red Bull, Audi, Toyota & F1. He’s also helped to launch many small start-ups with limited resources to punch above their weight in the ever-increasingly complex and competitive world of digital marketing.

This lunch-time talk is sponsored by Arts Council England



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