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DATA — the basics and how to use it

Image courtsey of Arts Admin – Passage for Par, Rosemary Lee (Groundwork 2018) Produced by Artsadmin and Dance Republic 2 © Graham Gaunt

Download the session presentation.


What is it about?

We all want to create better campaigns, improve our websites, and give our audiences what they’re looking for. With all the data we’re collecting, the answers must be in there somewhere, right?
Too often data is only used to look backwards, rather than helping to inform what you need to do now and next.
In this practical session, Chris will share tools and techniques that you can use to remove guesswork and let your data show you the way.

What will I gain?

— Cost effective tools and simple techniques that can provide you with answers
— Insights into the right questions to ask of your data
— Examples of where data has made a difference

Who is it for?

This session is for those with a basic working knowledge of data insight tools but who don’t spend enough time getting to grips with it / harnessing its power.

Chris Unitt | Founder | One Further