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Leap into Live Music

#25Leap into Live Music

From contemporary to classical, working with youth to music’s impact on health and wellbeing, you’ll find a range of music related resources on AMAculturehive.

Learn about how Liverpool Philharmonic Hall increased its visitor numbers from previously under represented postcode areas by 60% through its Leap into Live Music! programme funded by a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Club Award.

Leap into Live Music! was designed to increase and sustain Liverpool Philharmonic audiences from economically disadvantaged communities in Liverpool.

The programme provides free and discounted tickets for people who have never attended a concert or event at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

This case study shows how, by identifying the groups they wanted to work with most closely (families, employers with low income staff and community groups) and setting up a working group of internal stakeholders, Leap Into Live Music! has been able to achieve incredible results.


Leap into Live Music! Image courtesy of Liverpool Philharmonic Hall©

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