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Image credits:
How to be an audience-focused organisation image courtesy of ARC.
Defining your purpose image courtesy of the British Council children at play before World Voice concert in Greece, May 2018 by Christos Sarris ©
Using the butterfly to explore your purpose image courtesy of Wolff Olins. © Wolff Olins 2016.
An effective purpose statement image courtesy of Jodrell Bank — The Blue Moon Bar at Jodrell Bank’s bluedot festival, 2017. Photo by Scot Salt.
Shaping your organisation’s culture image courtesy of Arts Admin — Passage for Par, Rosemary Lee (Groundwork 2018) Produced by Artsadmin and Dance Republic © Copr Graham Gaunt.
Business Planning image courtesy of National Football Museum — AV Offsides. Photo by Jason Lock.


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