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Join annually as an individual, a group (in an organisational team), a freelancer*, or as a small organisation**.

Individual membership:

Early career: £75+VAT (total of £90 inclusive of VAT)

Mid career: £129+VAT (total of £154.80 inclusive of VAT)

Senior career: £179+VAT (total of £214.80 inclusive of VAT)

Leadership – Director/CEO: £220+VAT (total of £264 inclusive of VAT)

Group rates start from group of 4: £420+VAT 

Please contact Membership if you require further information.



To buy group memberships, please call 01223 578078 or email 


Small Organisation

*Freelance membership is for self-employed professionals within the creative sector.

**Small Organisation membership is for organisations which meet both of the following criteria – fewer than 10 individuals, and a turnover of less than £632k / £316,000 or less on its balance sheet (a.k.a. what HMRC calls a ‘micro-entity’).r

Small Organisation Membership Bursaries
Applications are now open for small organisations in England to get 50% of the cost of membership covered. Deadline for applications is 15 November 2019.

Change of details?

If you would like to change your contact details or organisation please get in contact with us.