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8th January 2020 Jen Pearce

Project Manager (Digital) — Cog Design

Salary: £28K – £35K
We’re open to a (realistic) discussions if you feel you are worth more, or if you feel you’d need to work up to this level.

Join our team and help us deliver exceptional digital projects for wonderful arts clients.

You’ll be the first point of contact for many of our regular clients. And the main support for many of our new projects.

You’ll need the patience and stamina to steer complex, long-term projects through to completion. And you’ll need to be adaptable enough pick up on multiple short-term tasks as they drop in.

You’ll be handling the majority of the tasks necessary to any digital project – including detailed testing and snagging.

You’ll need to be the perfect mix of technical, creative, practical and personable.

This is a job for someone who enjoys getting things done; it’s a job for a completist with a tenacious desire to tie-up loose ends.

You’ll be working with the guidance of our head of digital and alongside a team of designers and developers.

This is a full-time, studio-based role, in constant communication with our clients and our team.

You’ll need to be good with people as you’ll be chatting with clients, briefing and managing developers, and liaising with designers.

Deadline for applications: Monday 27 January

For details on how to apply and to download the job specification on our site and make sure we’re the right fit for you, visit the Cog Design website.

We don’t have a specific start date in mind, we’re happy to wait for the perfect candidate.


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