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Marketing and Communications Manager — Scottish Ensemble

Salary: £27,000-£29,000 per annum

Location: Glasgow
Could you see yourself selling a show like Common Sound to audiences across Scotland? Or driving online audiences to our innovative digital work? Or coming up with compelling content that tells the story of us and our music?

We’re looking for someone to do all of the above, and more, as we seek applications for the role of Marketing and Communications Manager here at Scottish Ensemble.

We are looking for applicants who identify with and are excited by Scottish Ensemble’s mission and philosophy. You will be an exceptional communicator and be someone with a strong track record in your field. You will be a creative and fast thinker, and someone who will excel in a multi-faceted role. You will also be someone who is excited to work in a non-siloed environment, and able to contribute more widely than simply within the confines of your role description; bringing to the team ideas and suggestions that benefit all areas of the organisation’s work.


Deadline for applications: Thursday 3 February 

For the full job description and details on how to apply please visit the Scottish Ensemble website.