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16th January 2019 Jemma Green

Jackie Malcolm — the benefits of the AMA and Digital Marketing Day 2018

Jackie Malcolm| Freelancer

As a Development professional, I look to AMA first: for strategic overviews, practical tools, design processes and the latest thinking in communications and marketing, they are simply ahead of the curve. They invite us to remember that in the arts sector, there is so much more to marketing than selling tickets, products and services.

Their conferences combine pragmatic insights with bold provocations and challenges for the sector to take a lead on inclusivity, diversity and innovation.

The colleagues I meet through AMA are friendly, generous and inspiring with their work and their time and encourage me to think more creatively and integratively about the reciprocity between comms/marketing and development.

A bursary for a training event or conference will sow the seeds of thinking connectedly, working differently and sharing intelligently.

My 3 top benefits of attending Digital Marketing Day 2018 were:

  1. An understanding of the critical thinking that underlies arts marketing – the implications of the way we use the tools and technologies – and getting a better understanding, as a non-marketer, of the drivers of arts marketing: what my colleagues are paying attention to, their challenges now and going into the future.
  2. Being in a space with so many articulate, informed and professional women in the industry.
  3. A great session on Design Thinking with Mairi Lafferty that gave me a clear sense of the layers of the process in action, as well as thought-provoking insights into the reciprocity between ‘expert/non-expert’ and the strategic/aesthetic tensions around comfortable/non-comfortable art.


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