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6th February 2018 Jemma Green

Introducing Amy Harrison

Want a flavour of what you can expect from Copywriting Day 2018 — Getting to the Heart of It?

Our keynote speaker, Amy Harrison, has put together a short video and answered some questions to give you an idea of how this event will help you and your organisation:

1)      What does ‘authentic’ copy mean to you?

Authentic copy is copy that builds a bridge between a great product, service, or event and the perfect audience for those things. Marketing copy has a bad reputation for being pushy and ‘salesy’. I understand this because there are specific psychologically persuasive techniques used in copywriting to encourage people to take notice, and compel them to action. Inauthentic copy tries to use these techniques to sell to anybody. Authentic copy is looking to make a sincere connection with someone who would love and be delighted by a specific product or service.

2)      Is there any type of copy that particularly catches your eye?

I love copy that is daring enough to add a splash of personality. Copy that is willing to break out of the marketing mould. Copy that turns it back on over-used phrases such as ‘high-quality’ or ‘unlock your potential’ or ‘take your X to the next level.’ A specific advert that caught my eye was for a powerful torch. It was while I was in US speaking at a conference. The advert had a picture of the torch (or ‘flashlight’ as my friend said they were called over there) with the headline: “Forget buying a gun, this could blind a bear.” It certainly caught my eye and while I neither want to a) buy a gun or b) blind a bear, I applauded the creative way they illustrated the power of the torch.

3)      What would you say is the biggest hurdle to starting a piece of copy?

Not having your thoughts in order. Great copywriting is done in specific building blocks. Unless you know how you want to get from the first line to the call-to-action, you will spend a lot of time staring at a blank page. Without a clear structure and strong notes to work from, your copy won’t read like a rousing, compelling argument that builds, but as a scattering of thoughts gathered together.

4)      Why should our members attend Copywriting Day 2018 — Getting to the Heart of It?

This day is going to help members write copy that gets attention, engages interest and compels action, without sounding pushy or ‘salesy’. I’ll be showing members how to reveal that wonderful value of their offer and present it so that readers can visualise and anticipate the experience. It’s going to be a fun and practical day and each member will leave with actionable tips they can use straight away in the copy.  

5)      What is the one thing you hope people will take away with them

Three things I hope: Techniques, a worksheet, and a copywriting checklist to help them write better copy, faster.


Copywriting Day 2018 — Getting to the Heart of It

21 March | Proud Camden

AMA member rate: £158 + VAT

Non-member rate: £219 + VAT