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10th October 2018 Jemma Green

Insta Success — a New York Public Library case study

Image courtesy of Colston Hall © ShotAway 3


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What is it about?

New York Public Library’s ‘Insta Novels’ project brought full, classic novels to the Instagram Stories platform. It grew the Library’s Instragram followers by nearly 100,000 in the first month.

Hear how the project was conceived, designed and executed. Richert will also share the lessons learned from this success.

What will I gain?

— Ideas for how to maintain a light, social media tone that stays true to your core mission

— Insights into staying scrappy and responsive

— Tips for invoking delight in your audiences

Who is it for?

This breakout if for those who want to hear about a highly successful practical case study, which pulls out the strategic elements.


Richert Schnorr | Director of Digital Media for Communications and Marketing | New York Public Library




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