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Inclusivity and Audiences Symposium

Inclusivity and Audiences Symposium. Birmingham Conference Aston. 11 February 2019 10am to 5pm. #AMAinclusivity. Click for more information.

What is it about?

You create, produce and present work for audiences and visitors. How does diversity feature in your programme? And how does it feature in your approach to audiences?

This one-day event will challenge you. It will equip you with confidence to make changes and shape your workplace at a new level.  You’ll gain an understanding of how the intersections of society goes beyond segmentation and profiling.

You’ll hear from speakers who will share good practice and help you clarify your approach in engaging new and diverse audiences. Challenge your ideas about inclusivity and equity in relation to audience engagement. Leave with practical tools and strategic ideas to implement straight away.

What will I gain?

— Confidence talking about diversity and placing it within strategic thinking

— Tips on how to put into action an effective approach to engaging more diverse audiences

— Space to challenge your own thinking

Who is it for?

This symposium on 11 February is for cultural professionals looking to build their confidence and approach to engaging more diverse audiences. There will be hints and tips to take away for those working at a practical level. There will also be high level strategic approaches to learn from for those working as managers or leaders.

Come Dig with Me — an installation

During the Symposium we want you to help us co-curate a one-off installation called Come Dig with Me.

We encourage delegates to join in by bringing an object, printed word or picture that represents your organisation’s vision, linked to the themes of the day. Facilitated by Raksha Dave, the installation will include your contributions.

You’ll then be able to view the installation and explore the interconnectivity between the different objects and spark conversations with others during the lunch break.

This is your opportunity to  highlight your organisation’s values and be a part of something truly unique.

For further details, please visit the Come Dig with Me page.

Workshop and discussion

12 February 2019 | 8.30am — 12.00pm | Thinktank Science Museum

Join us the day after the main Inclusivity and Audiences Symposium for a follow-up workshop and discussion facilitated by Raymond Bobgan of Cleveland Public Theatre.

This more intimate setting is designed specifically for leaders and senior cultural professionals to delve deeper into the challenges you’re currently facing around inclusivity and diversity.

The morning will begin with reflections over a light breakfast. Help yourself to a coffee and croissant and get ready to share your thoughts from Day 1 of the Symposium. This is your chance to explore the challenges facing you and your peers in the room.

  • Map your own experiences relating to the themes of the Symposium
  • Take part in guided exercises to shape the vision for your organisation
  • Discuss collaboration, partnerships and audiences
  • Define your ideal journey and next steps for an inclusive mindset

At the end of the morning you’ll leave with the critical skills and strategic tools to make change and the confidence to put your plans into action.

To take part in the workshop and discussion on 12 February (only 30 places available), you must have attended day 1 of the Symposium.


You can find the details of all the day’s sessions on the Inclusivity and Audiences Symposium programme page.


You can see how the day will run on the Inclusivity and Audiences Symposium timetable page.


Inclusivity and Audiences Symposium — setting the tone

11 February

Inclusivity and Audiences Symposium — workshop and discussion

12 February


Inclusivity and Audiences Symposium © AMA

Head shots provided by named individuals

Image courtesy of Cleveland Public Theatre