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Inclusivity and Audiences Day
7 November 2019, Birmingham Hippodrome

At the AMA’s Inclusivity and Audiences Day you will hear how the structures within the arts and cultural sector breed inequality and explore how these structures can evolve to become more inclusive.

Our organisations and the ecosystem in which we operate contain all kinds of barriers, some we can see and some we can’t. We will ask: What role do you and your organisation play in addressing these structures? How do we challenge embedded inequalities, while achieving our day to day goals?

You’ll learn what the building blocks of an inclusive sector might look like. You’ll hear from the people who are introducing new ways of working, new language and new policies.

This whole day event will challenge you, reframe your knowledge and offer you the tools to make change. There will be strategic and leadership sessions for those driving organisations forward, alongside practical sessions for your teams and those working on delivery.

Discover what an inclusive arts and cultural sector of the future could be like – and how it can thrive with audiences, empathy and inclusivity at its heart.

Speakers to be announced soon.


Early Bird (AMA member): £119 + VAT
Small Organisation (AMA member): £80 + VAT
Freelancer (AMA member): £72 including VAT
Non-member: £219 + VAT

Man talking to a room full of people and using sign language
A panel of three women sat at a table
Two people smiling and holding their hands to their faces
All images: AMA Inclusivity and Audiences Symposium, February 2019 (c) Eleanor Howarth