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Inclusivity & Audiences Day 2020 – coming in May

Details coming soon. Meanwhile, read more about Inclusivity & Audiences Day 2019 below.

Inclusivity and audiences day

This multi-speaker day event at Birmingham Hippodrome combined talks, workshops and discussion to reframe your knowledge and offers tools to change how you and your organisation work in addressing challenges around inclusivity.

Strategic and leadership sessions for those driving organisations forward ran alongside practical sessions for those working on delivery.

Visible & invisible barriers exclude audiences

Our organisations – and the wider sector – contain visible and invisible barriers that work to exclude audiences. We helped identify the role delegates and their organisations play in addressing these.

What's holding back change?

Current ways of doing things in the arts and cultural sector can breed inequality. Throughout the day we helped delegates find ways to challenge embedded inequalities, while achieving day to day goals.

About Smashing Systems & Building Blocks

We came prepared to challenge the systems in personal thinking, team practices and organisational structures to help build inclusive relationships with audiences.

We heard from the people who are introducing new ways of working, new language and new policies, and gained new ideas to put into action.

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New contacts were made and old friends met at Birmingham Hippodrome.


We had a great day of sessions, with speakers sharing knowledge and sparking debate.

Smashing Systems — decolonising our work spaces

Stella Kanu helps to deconstruct existing structures that are embedded across our ways of working in this opening keynote.

What comes first, a change in marketing or a change in organisational culture?

This provocation explores what power marketers have to lead the organisational changes they want to see.

Audiences: to leave or to remain

This provocation will explore how audiences develop their tastes and evolve, and the distinction between the two.

Does everyone count? Children and young people

During this provocation, Michelle Lord will explore the systemic challenges and motivations that led to the development of the XP and XPlore projects.

How to Own the Changes you Make, No Matter your Position

This break-out takes the form of a round-table practical workshop and will leave you with the courage to make at least one small change, no matter how much experience you have.

Smash and Build — taking the lead to diversify and challenge audiences

During this breakout session, Harpreet Kaur will take you in-depth through an activity that will highlight how your work, ideas and decision making can connect with your audiences.

Strength in Numbers — establishing a culture of collaboration

Discover more in this breakout about the recent prototype project, XP and XPlore, delivered in Cambridgeshire that was developed to help improve arts engagement by children and young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Architecture of Language

This provocation will identify some of the language that is written into our long-term subconscious. The follow-on breakout session will create a safe space to discuss the books on our #AMAbookclub list (submitted by you). Explore and discuss the books we are reading and those we are avoiding due to systemic socialisation practices.


Stella Kanu

Executive Director

London Int’l Festival of Theatre

Harpreet Kaur


Harpreet Kaur Creative

Richard Loftus headshot

Richard Loftus

Director of Sales and Marketing

Town Hall Symphony Hall

Dr Martin Glynn


Birmingham City University

Michelle Lord headshot

Michelle Lord

Senior Arts Development Officer

Cambridge City Council

Jane Cordell head shot

Jane Cordell


Result CIC


10.00 – 10:30 Registration 
10:30 – 10.55 Opening keynote
10:55 – 11:50 Provocations 
11:50 – 12:10 Refreshments
12:10 – 13:10 Breakout sessions
13:10 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:15 Provocations 
15:15 – 16:30 Breakout sessions


Has a book inspired you to change the way you write or act? Why not share it with your peers as part of #AMAbookclub. 

There will be an #AMAbookclub breakout session at the event, but we’ll also be sharing books online. 

Find out more or nominate a book

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