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Inclusivity & Audiences Day is now over for 2022 – but the work continues!

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The information below relates to Audiences & Inclusivity Day 2022 and is not necessarily indicative of content or approach for future events.

Inclusion starts by identifying who has been historically excluded. This means taking an honest, comprehensive look at which communities — or audiences — you’ve served and those you’ve left out. Then: take action to address this inequity.

This event will support anyone interested in or actively working on inclusivity processes, diversity or audience development, and inclusion.

This day-long event will support you in interrogating language and developing action steps. This applies to policies, data reports, funding brief, appraisals — all of which can fail to be inclusive. It will also add perspectives on audience development, and how to make a difference. 

About the Day: 12 May 2022

Inclusivity & Audiences Day takes place online from 8.30-4.30. The Inclusivity strand looks at the underpinning principles and awareness, while the Audiences strand looks at how you apply these foundations to your work. We’ll be using the lens of the Equality Act 2010, which you can find out more about in our resource Rabbit-holes.

The day as a whole will:

  • Raise your awareness of inclusivity as an opportunity to change our language 
  • Develop your understanding of audience development techniques in post-Covid times
  • Provide support to help you build equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) into your work and internal culture 
  • Help you make informed decisions about EDI in your work and organisation
  • Support you on the journey

We’ll bring you expert speakers, case studies and jumping-off points for you to run with and develop your thinking. You’ll get live content and interaction as well as Rabbit-holes of resources to guide further learning.

Who should come

At past Inclusivity & Audience Days, delegates split roughly equally across senior, mid-level and junior roles.

We all need to be thinking about equality, diversity and inclusion in our marketing, communications and audience development work, whatever our roles.

If you’re new to this work, we can help get you up to speed with our recommended resources.

Joining in with the Day

It gave me a proverbial kick up the backside and I’m going work with partners to make diversity visible in my sector

Jan Ford, Orchestras Live 

Whichever elements of the Inclusivity or Audience strands you engage in, the structure of the day works as a whole, building on what has gone before. That’s why we strongly encourage you to make the time to commit fully to the day. Turn off your phone, set an automatic reply to your emails, and prepare to bring your total focus.

We’ll be engaging with challenging concepts and realities. It is hard work to recognise and tackle many of the themes across the day, and we want to make sure everyone brings the right mindset. Come prepared to be present for the conversations – we’ll support you and aim to clear your head ready to focus during the day.

The platform we’ll be using for Inclusivity & Audiences Day is Airmeet. As a starting point, you’ll need access to a computer and for the best experience, one of the following browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Brave. You’ll get more joining information when you’ve booked on.

Visit the Rabbit-holes

On the day we’ll be sharing resources to send you off down your own rabbit-holes of discovery.

If you’re approaching Inclusivity & Audiences Day for the first time, or if you want to get in the zone for the tone of the day, you can visit our pre-event Rabbit-holes.

What you can expect

Across the day you’ll engage with:

  • Practical case studies for conceptual issues
  • Networking
  • Learning through a rabbit-hole of resources
  • Wellbeing moments to support your engagement

We work in partnership with our speakers to support curiosity and create the space to speak freely about challenging themes, topics and situations.

Sessions across the day will get you thinking about:

  • Opportunities to re-write: terms, language, policies
  • Opportunities to listen
  • Diversification — people, processes, attitudes
  • Exploring — designing, building, breaking and renovating
  • Connecting the dots and critical thinking
  • Connecting and creating new traditions with your communities
  • How to reflect on and commit to next steps

It’s made me think a lot about my own personal echo chamber and looking for more places of information and influence. It’s also made me think about applying action to changing some of our practice at work 

Sheryl McGregor, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums


£70 + VAT per person
for an individual standard ticket

£45 + VAT per person
for individuals from Small Organisations (fewer than 10 employees) and Freelancers

Online bookings for this event have now closed.

If you would like to attend the event, please email

We want to make this event as affordable as possible, but it’s important that we pay everyone involved in the event fairly for their time.

We know the work is hard, and we want to make it easy for people to come. We’ve subsidised the ticket price as much as possible — the true cost of the day is far more than we are charging per delegate — and we are offering bursaries for people who want to attend but otherwise could not.

We’re offering cheaper rates for freelancers and small organisations, as we believe everyone needs to be involved in this work.


We’ll be sharing details of the speakers and programme in the run up to 12 May 2022.

Inclusivity & Audiences Day 2022 speakers include:

Uz Afzal Headshot

Uz Afzal

Author and Mindfulness Coach

Headshot of Donna Noble

Donna Noble

Author, Wellbeing Coach, Yoga Teacher and Speaker

Joel Enfield Headshot

Joel Enfield

Solutions Analyst, Substrakt

Headshot of Emma Callin

Emma Callin

Head of Culture and Arts at Education, Sport and Culture, Isle of Man Government

Pauline Bailey Headshot

Pauline Bailey

Visual Artist, Director and Producer. 

Nima Taleghani Headshot

Nima Taleghani

Actor, Writer and Facilitator

Headshot of Dianne Greyson

Dianne Greyson

Director of Equilibrium Mediation Consulting Ltd and Managing Partner — Synergised Solutions Ltd

Lesley Gillan Headshot

Lesley Gillan

Head of People and Culture, ACMI 

Mike Murawski headshot

Mike Murawski

Consultant and Co-Producer of Museums Are Not Neutral

Elma Glasgow Headshot

Elma Glasgow

Director, Aspire Black Suffolk CIC and PR Consultant

Headshot of Jonathan McCrory

Jonathan McCrory

Artistic Director at National Black Theatre and Creative Duola

Headshot of Rachel Grossman

Rachel Grossman

Theatre Artist, Audience Engagement Strategist, and an Antiracism/Anti-Oppression Activist 

Bryony Bell Headshot

Bryony Bell

Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, Spektrix

Michael Nabarro Headshot

Michael Nabarro

CEO and Co-Founder, Spektrix 

Zack Moore

VP of People (People Director), Spektrix 

Penny Mills headshot

Penny Mills

Director of Consultancy, The Audience Agency 

David Alston headshot

David Alston

Freelance Historian 


Inclusivity Strand — sponsored by Substrakt

Audiences Strand — sponsored by Spektrix

8:30am — 9:00am

9:15am — 10:30am

10:45am — 11:30am

11:45am — 12:30pm

1:15pm — 2:15pm

2:45pm — 3:45pm

4:00pm — 4:25pm

4:25pm — 4:45pm

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