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Inclusion — building new and diverse audiences

#25Inclusion — building new and diverse audiences

How does the arts and cultural sector make itself available and accessible to everyone?

AMAculturehive features many resources, guides and videos designed to build your knowledge of current research on keeping inclusion — in its broadest sense — at the heart of your work.

You will find practical guides, case studies and videos offering a range of perspectives on how working inclusively can enhance your organisation.

This includes resources on initiatives such as the AMA’s Audience Diversity Academy and the Roundhouse’s Guided by Young Voices — a guide to getting young people onto boards.

People United’s Changing the World Through Arts and Kindness report explores how the arts can inspire community, kindness and social change, bringing together 10 years of their work.

According to the report: “People United’s mixed method approach to research, demonstrated through illustrative case studies … verifies how arts participation can result in increased empathy, willingness to help others and self-efficacy …  with the right ingredients in place, arts interventions can have a transformative effect for people and communities.”

There’s a wealth of resources on working with cultural difference, different abilities, socio economic difference, reaching senior and younger audiences and more.

Image courtesy of People United ©.

AMAculturehive’s Spotlight on Inclusion aims to guide best practice and inspire new thinking.

Also read JAM 60 (November 2015) on Diversity, which can be found in the Members’ Area. You will need to be logged in to access.