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30th May 2019 Jemma Green

Ideas Lab

Ideation / Ticketless events

What is it about?

Help find the solution to the challenge of tickletless events in the cultural sector.

Join Richie Turner as he introduces you to the Innovation Drill — a method of ideas generation and ideation. You will then look at how to capture data for audience development strategies when hosting ticketless events.

This will be the perfect space for generating ideas and solutions with your peers.

What will I gain?

— Methods of ideas generation and ideation

— Understanding of the various challenges posed by ticketless events

— Potential solutions for some of your ticketless challenges

Who is it for?

This session is open to anyone wanting to work with peers to ideate on the challenge but it will be particularly interesting for those hosting ticketless events, at whatever level — your expertise and input will help to shape the success.

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Richie Turner| Member of Arts Council Wales and Incubator Manager at University of South Wales




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