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12th October 2017

Hyper Reality Experiences – what the BBC did next

Image courtesy of Jewish Museum, London. Jukebox Exhibition © Jon Holloway.

What is it about?

Ian Forrester is on mission – he wants BBC audiences to participate more fully in their media experience. To achieve this, his BBC R&D team are working on perceptive media. He will introduce you to his latest thinking including object-based media, participatory storytelling and data ethics. Ian will show why hyper-real experiences will, in the near future, turn our living rooms into small, personalised theatre spaces where we feel more engaged with content. He will highlight the open source material making this technology possible and opportunities for marketers to use this software and harness the power of perceptive media.

What will I gain?

  • An insight into new technology and latest-thinking from the BBC
  • Knowledge about object-based media and its potential for organisations
  • A glimpse into the potential of participatory storytelling


Headshot of Ian Forrester

Ian Forrester
Senior ‘firestarter’ producer

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