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Grow Through Disruption Roundtables

CEO Roundtables – Grow Through Disruption

Get support, share problems, move forward 

Leaders can’t always share concerns upwards, downwards or sideways with their Board and team.  So these roundtables are here for you to share the load and figure out the best way for you and your business to move forward in the “new normal”. 

Meet with fellow leaders to accelerate your learning and get focused support.

We have a flexible agenda to ensure we meet your needs, but our meetings will have the following general flow:

  • Welcome, introductions, insights from the previous month
  • Areas for exploration
  • Ideas and case studies on what’s working for leaders right now, with problem solving tools and new strategies to consider
  • Find gaps we want to bridge and plan how to do that
  • Takeaways to apply from the roundtable conversation

These CEO Roundtables give you a confidential space to share problems without being judged, get other perspectives on your thoughts, and figure out ways through the challenging times we’re all in.

You can expect us to explore things like:

  • Creative ways to work through challenges
  • Making agile leadership work across your whole organisation
  • Finding ways that you – and your teams – can stay motivated and engaged in adverse times

Join our expert facilitators, Mel and Ishreen, for this series of free roundtables:

  • Roundtable 1: Nov 18 — 2pm-5pm
  • Roundtable 2: Dec 15 — 2pm-5pm
  • Roundtable 3: Jan 20 — 2pm-5pm
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Mel Larsen and Ishreen Bradley work with organisation leaders every day, to help them develop their leadership skills and take their business forward.

Mel Larsen

Mel helps individuals and organisations turn their vision into real, measurable results. She coaches and consults for CEOs, from organisations of all sizes. Demand for her work currently focuses on the twin issues of handling COVID-19, and tackling racism.

Mel Larsen photo

Ishreen Bradley

Ishreen is a strategic pioneer who helps leaders with complex situations. She fosters clarity and confidence in leaders, helping them cultivate positive mindsets and cultures. Ishreen has worked with organisations, large and small, across the UK and internationally.