Google Analytics 4 — Essentials is over for 2023

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The information below relates to Google Analytics 4 — Essentials 2023 and is not necessarily indicative of content or approach for future events.

Preparing you for the analytics switchover before it happens.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) gives us a once in a decade moment to wipe the slate clean and think afresh. It’s a fantastic opportunity to build something completely new, to rethink how you do things and be the custodian of the next generation of analytics.  

Google Analytics 4 — Essentials approaches Google Analytics from the ground up. It’s an online modular programme that takes you through the process you need to go through to migrate to GA4.

The programme will help you understand what GA4 can do, what’s on offer and how you may want to collect new metrics. It will give you ideas to renew your goals and rethink how you track your organisation’s website data.  


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Standard Member rate: £270 + VAT

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Non-member rate: £395 + VAT

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Why join Google Analytics 4 — Essentials?

The switchover from Universal Analytics to GA4 is fast approaching. Now is the time to set up and explore GA4’s functionality, as the current version will stop recording data on 1 July 2023. After that you will only have access to your ‘old’ data for six months before it is permanently switched off in December. It’s essential that you start using GA4 as soon as possible and not wait until the last minute.

GA4 fundamentally changes how web tracking works. The modules in Google Analytics 4 — Essentials build on each other to develop a rounded sense of what you and your organisation need to do to migrate to GA4. Even if you have external support for your website analytics, it’s still important for you to have a good understanding of how it works and the benefits of the new metrics.

What will I gain?

  • A solid grounding in how GA4 works
  • Understanding of what data is collected and why  
  • Confidence to use reports and explorations in GA4  
  • The ability to customise dashboards and reports  
  • Knowledge of how to achieve the best insights from your data  

Who is it for?

Whilst previous knowledge of Google Analytics would be helpful, the programme assumes no prior experience, so everyone is welcome.

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Taking part

For many, figuring out new software like GA4 cannot be taught, it has to be a practical exercise. This programme will be hands-on — participants will learn by doing. 

The course is divided into three modules. Each module is split into three sessions. In the first session we cover the essential information for that module. The second session dives deeper into that learning and the third is a chance for you to bring your questions, findings and explorations back.  

  • You will need to sign up to the whole programme and will need to attend all sessions to be able to keep up with the GA4 journey 
  • If you’re unable to attend a live webinar, you’ll be able to catch up with a recording before the next session 
  •  It’s essential you attend or catch up with every session
  • You must have access to a GA4 account to get the most from this programme
  • During sessions you will need to be able to toggle between the session and a browser

We will be using Zoom for this programme. Before booking, please read our online training checklist to ensure you get the most out of this training. 

If you have any access requirements, please contact

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Module 1 — data collection

Session 1

Thursday 13 April, 10am — 12pm

We start by taking GA4 apart, to see how it actually works. Using the debug view and the real-time user snapshot we’ll look at how the data is collected on our websites and sent to GA4.

  • GA4 fundamentals: exploring the events-based model  
  • Back to basics: figuring out event parameters, user properties, dimensions and metrics
  • Key differences between Universal Analytics and GA4  

Session 2

Thursday 20 April, 10am — 11:30am

In this session we’ll recap session one, have a look at the new enhanced events and see how events are related to conversions. This session will end with an important question – what are your objectives? What events and conversions do you need?

  • Looking at enhanced measurement events such as scrolling, outbound link click, search results, file download and video engagement  
  • Conversions in GA4 and how are they different from Universal Analytics  
  • Setting up search console and audiences   

Session 3

Thursday 27 April, 10am — 11am

Session three in each module is your opportunity to share any questions, tips and findings.  

  • Explore questions and possible answers 
  • Revisit the debug view and free form explorations 
  • Discuss objectives 

Module 2 — reporting

Session 1

Thursday 11 May, 10am — 12pm

Module two starts by looking at reporting in detail and how to investigate the stories that are being told.  

  • Storytelling and how to structure your reporting: the four pillars or lifecycle approach 
  • Explore the range of reports available, including acquisition reporting, traffic reports, demographic reports and measuring content engagement  
  • Finding the ‘hidden reports’  
  • Customising your reports  

Session 2

Wednesday 17 May, 10am — 11:30am

Session two begins with a recap on the previous session, looking at our reports and findings. We’ll then dig deeper into reporting to help you define your approach. 

  • Using the GA4 library to customise your dashboard  
  • From your objectives in Module 1: what reports do you need?   
  • What reports are missing and how can we create them?  

Session 3

Thursday 25 May, 10am — 11am

This session is your chance to ask questions, share your reports and learn from each other.   

Module 3 — analysis and insight

Session 1

Wednesday 7 June, 10am — 12pm

After catching up on our reports we’ll jump into explorations with free form reports and a recap on events, dimensions and metrics. We’ll also look at the page explorer and funnel explorations.  

  • Using filters and segment comparisons in explorer reports  
  • Mapping user journeys with the page explorer 
  • Creating our own explorations and using these to create stories  

Session 2

Wednesday 14 June, 10am — 11:30am

Looking at our objectives and reports from Module 2 we’ll identify some of the key questions we want to focus our explorations on.

  • Diving deeper into explorations, what is coming to the surface for us?  
  • How can we tell stories about what we find?   
  • How are we feeling about GA4 now? Are there any gaps or new insights?    

Session 3

Wednesday 21 June, 10am — 11am

A final chance to share, ask questions and celebrate what you have achieved.  


Paul Blundell | Head of Digital Research and Development | AMA

Paul joined the AMA in October last year to work on digital training, research and development. He has trained many people in Google Analytics over the last fifteen years and is focusing on helping organisations migrate to GA4. He has spent the last two years getting up-to-speed with GA4 running many webinars and presenting two sessions at the AMA’s Digital Marketing Day. He has 20 years experience working in the arts and culture sector. 

Headshot of Paul Blundell