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25th October 2017

Good Reads #AMAKnowingYou

Volker Kuchelmeister, Jill Bennett, Dennis Del Favero, Amnesia Atlas, 2014, installation at FACT

Header image: Volker Kuchelmeister, Jill Bennett, Dennis Del Favero, Amnesia Atlas, 2014, installation at FACT.

With our 11th Digital Marketing Day just around the corner we asked some of our speakers what’s on their reading list in the run up to the event.

Jo Hunter

Jo Hunter of 64 Million Artists and the New Citizenship Project will present a keynote at Getting To Know You challenging us to rethink online participation, and think of our audiences and communities as creative in their own right.

David Gauntlett’s Making is Connecting is a great read focusing on creativity and engagement. There are lots of free resources on the website including the first chapter of the book.

Brené Brown has spoken and written on a lot on bringing vulnerability to your work and life. Her TED talk is great, and her book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead, is definitely worth looking at.


Sarah Corbett’s How to be a Craftivist: the art of gentle protest is a guidebook to how small, creative acts can empower and engage.

Will Saunders

In his keynote, consultant, Executive Producer & Digital Strategist Will Saunders will be sharing how he’s seen organisations engage with audiences using digital technologies and platforms. You can find a regular stream of great recommendations for further reading about new technologies on his Twitter feed.

I’ve been reading about why AR Is About To Take Over Your World (and thanks to BuzzFeed for getting as excited as the rest of us).

As voice becomes more of a “thing”, this article looks at how much brands should think about their sound, as well as their look.

Content isn’t king “The smartphone is the sun and everything else orbits it” is a compelling essay from Benedict Evans.

And more…

Selma Willcocks, who’ll be sharing details of Artsadmin’s journey to develop a new open-source CRM system, has been reading about how machine learning is used to create your personal Spotify recommendations.

In the AMA office, Rebecca and the programming team enjoyed this long-read about how the internet changes our relationship with time, how we share experiences and broadcast versions of our lives online.

And finally (and ignore the slightly scaremongering headline) although this study is US based, it contains some interesting points about how what we understand as ‘culture’: Is the Museum of Ice Cream the Future of Culture?

Our 11th Digital Marketing Day, #AMAKnowingYou takes place on 1 December at Barbican Centre, London.

Find out more about the programme and speakers and book your place.


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