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Contribute to our 360° Diversity Strategy

AMA Diversity Strategy

The AMA has been working hard to try and make our organisation a positive force in working towards social justice in our sector and society. We faced up to some home truths when developing our 360° Diversity and Inclusion Strategy five years ago, but this has helped inform all areas of the AMA and our work, and move us closer to where we believe we need to be.

The original strategy was informed by as many different voices and opinions as possible across the membership and the wider sector. We worked with consultants such as Mel Larsen to get professional advice on how to do this.

Some of the things which we have addressed

  • internal factors such as enhancing the diversity of perspectives across our board, staff, member reps, and ambassadors
  • reviewing and further developing membership diversity with specific projects and initiatives to reach underrepresented groups
  • ensuring an inclusive, open approach to engaging members, delegates and participants across our full portfolio of activity
  • continuing to expand the range of voices, perspectives and ideas being shared through our events, intensive programmes and editorial
  • developing and expanding partnerships to open up new opportunities for the AMA and our members
  • and reviewing our role as the sector body for those working to engage the public with the arts, cultural and heritage sector. For instance, working to provide bursaries to enable access to people who might not otherwise be able to engage/attend.
  • launching new initiatives designed to help members to develop and engage people across the whole of society with the arts and cultural sector – for an example Audience Diversity Academy, which is now on its 6th cohort, and Breakthrough, to help organisations change. We also run Inclusivity & Audiences Day, to bring delegates together in person from across the sector.

There is a lot we do well, but even more that we need to do better. It is an ongoing process and front of our minds. We know that many of our members share these values and views, but we also know that many organisations are not changing fast enough. Black Lives Matter is an opportunity for the sector and society to move forwards more quickly, and to help support our members in making that change happen, we have pulled together resources here.

You can view the AMA 360 degree diversity and inclusion strategy and read about how our CEO went about diversifying our Board. We’d love for you to provide feedback on our strategy, contribute to our resources, or suggest other things we could be doing – please email with your thoughts.