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15th November 2019 Amy Firth

From Landing Page to Action — optimising the user journey

What is it about?

Online experience/ User journeys/ Audience engagement

Rachel Walker knows a lot about the impact of a great landing page — in her previous role at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, Rachel led on a major ecommerce re-platforming project. Currently at the Royal Academy, Rachel has spent a lot of time optimising their membership landing page — acknowledging that we shouldn’t be afraid of making a landing page overtly focused on conversion such as an online transaction or an email sign-up. In this session, Rachel will discuss how she’s optimising the Royal Academy online experience through user testing and iterative design, to help you guide users to where you want them on your website.

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What will I gain?

— An understanding of user journeys and conversions

— Advice for getting users to take the next step towards your website goals

— Insight into best practice for optimising conversion rates

Who is it for?

Those with responsibility for creating website content and online user journeys.


Rachel Walker| Senior Digital Product Manager

Rachel is a digital strategy and ecommerce specialist who has worked with major arts organisations in both the UK and the US, including the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her work focuses on delivering engaging online experiences and maximising revenue generation. She is passionate about the delivery of good user experiences and believes that arts organisations can be bolder in their approaches to making money online. She currently leads the digital product team for the Royal Academy of Arts. 



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