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31st October 2018 Bea Udeh

From frazzled to focused #ADA

Ros Croker from Royal Museums Greenwich shares her first intentions on her journey as an Audience Diversity Academy 3.0 Fellow.

After four years working on an audience development and transformational change project I have stepped into the ADA Fellowship feeling slightly dazed and confused. Over the last four years there have been tears of joy, frustration and hysteria, and I have gone from feeling like I’m banging my head against a brick wall to having amazing breakthroughs with colleagues and audiences.  

The new galleries opened one month ago and it’s been a journey. The ADA launch was a week before they opened when I was both frazzled and overjoyed at all of the hard work coming into fruition. Having the opportunity to stop, look up and think about what happens next is both exciting and terrifying! My new role at the museum officially began earlier this month and it’s still a fairly grey area. Conversations with my mentor and the first action learning set have really helped me sharpen my focus and think about small bite sized experiments to reflect on strategic approaches to the next phase. Reflections on who I am an my own background have reminded me that drawing on people’s both personal viewpoints and what they present in a professional context around language, could enrich a conversation about different words and approaches they describe means to different members of the team. 

My first experiment will be with my team to think about how we personally define words we use to describe what we do with audiences, and how we want to define these within our museum context going forward. Perhaps it will lead to a change in our own team name at the museum to better communicate what we do and how we do it. I’m going to facilitate conversations to think about these words: inclusion, access, diversity, audiences, outreach, equity and engagement. I’m not sure how just yet but hopefully by December I will be able to share what I did and what we as a team learnt along the way.  



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