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Yasmin Khan | Covalent Creatives

Covalent Creatives

Covalent Creatives is a multidisciplinary consultancy which provides coaching, curation and consulting services.

Working with trusted partners ansd talented associates we enable the production of innovative content by cross-pollinating insights in science, art and cultural heritage.

Get in touch to find out more about my track record in coaching ambitious change makers across creative industries to imagine and co-curate visitor experiences of the highest quality.

Recent projects include:

– Evaluating ‘Artists Make Space’ for Tara Theatre (funded by British Council)
– Lead Consultant for Physical Energy consultation guiding the siting of an art sculpture, in collaboration with Morris, Hargreaves & McIntyre on behalf of the Watts Gallery Trust
– Curating ‘Outwitting Cancer’ for the Francis Crick Institute
– Writing the Decolonising Strategy for Ipswich Museums to secure NLHF £4.3M support

Yasmin Khan
Founding Director | Cultural Consultant | Multidisciplinary Curator
Email: yasmin@covalentcreatives.co.uk
Tel: 07426402012

Visit: https://covalentcreatives.co.uk