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25th February 2019 Thanh Sinden

Thanh Sinden Consulting — Helping Teams Create and Capture Value

Thanh Sinden Consulting

I am a talented strategic thinker. Skilled in organisational dynamics, I empower individuals and teams to achieve the equality, diversity and inclusion goals of their organisation through insightful consulting and expert facilitation. I work with teams in their context to help them deliver meaningful results.

I champion and support organisational development to create and capture value that is of relevance in a changing world of cultural consumption. I was the equality lead at Culture Coventry Trust, that manages 4 museums and heritage sites. I worked to create an inclusive culture where diversity thrives, and equality and inclusion are rooted in its core purpose to maximise the museums’ social impact.

I support programmes across various locations with multiple stakeholders and partnerships. I have worked across the UK and Northern Ireland with the Museum Association as a Participatory Practice trainer on the Transformers Programme. I can support teams from inception of a project through to delivery and evaluation. I have project managed and developed innovative projects, the Arts and Social Care Project. I established a new programme and audience, leveraging in strategic commissioning from the health and social care sector. This supported and contributed to building the case for creative health and wellbeing work in the arts and culture sector.

I am passionate about diversity, advancing equality between different groups, creating welcoming inclusive places and increasing audience participation. My interests and work have focused around social purpose and cultural democracy, sharing the true joy and fulfillment of engagement in culture with everyone.

Thanh Sinden
Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement Specialist




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