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Roger Thomas | Strategic Design Consultant

Elephant DM

Visual designer working across channels and media, physical (print) and online: graphics and illustration, web design/ accessibility – brochure sites, email marketing, social media campaigns, branding/ marketing, events, promotional material, brochures/ reports, motion graphics, interactive output and XR (Virtual & Augmented reality) design and production.

20+ years experience including commercial clients: Sony, Bonjela, Cambridge Diet, festivals and cultural events: WoW Festival (Orange), Radio One Introduces, ChillFest, English Heritage and the production of several immersive experiences.

Fluent in the process of ‘storytelling’ and communication through visuals, addressing the need for dynamic content where the message is consistently delivered across channels, an eye for both detail and accuracy.

Through working on multiple and diverse projects I have developed a wide technical skill-set and the application of design to achieve coherent, compelling visual messaging. This included project management of cultural projects – primarily music and visual arts – and the technical delivery of these.

Using my skillset and experience I can help in the strategic design and delivery of campaigns from planning, concept, through to art direction, design production and roll-out; ensuring the message aligns to the target audience.

Technical skills:
Design | Digital
All Adobe CS software – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere etc.
Ai |
Concept generation – Stable Diffusion, Mid Journey, Gencraft. Asset creation | Luma
Web | Online
Front end design – Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JQuery. CMS. Web optimisation, accessibility, e-marketing.
Mobile |
Content design and optimisation – WebAR, video and rich media – Media Encoder
3D |
3DS Max. Blender, InstaLOD., Meshlab
LiDAR scanning point-cloud authoring. ReCap, TruView, 360 panoramic video.
Vr/Ar |
Design and production of virtual and augmented reality experiences for tablet, mobile and headsets using:
Unreal Engine, Unity, Vuforia Studio, Lens Studio, Twinmotion, SimLab, Quixel, Adobe Aero, 8th Wall
Audio |
Sound design and production: Nuendo, Reaper, and 360 audio: DearVR, Ambisonics, Binaural
Immersive design |
MaxMSP, Ableton Live. MadMapper

Traditional hand rendered illustration and design.

Roger Thomas
Strategic Design Consultant
Email: rog.t@live.com
Tel: 07462296096

Visit: https://www.worksofrt.co.uk