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Pablo Colella | Audience Engagement and Psychology Consultant

Pablo Colella Headshot

“Art without discovery moves nobody; creation must be made accessible for consumption”.

I find audiences fascinating and by rooting my approach in psychology, when integrated with audience data, offer you a range of custom solutions that have been designed with the independent artist and small arts organisation in mind, including those seeking Arts Council England funding.

By understanding audience psychology I can provide you tailored guidance as to effectively reach and connect with your audience segment; informing the building of cultural experiences so the public receive maximum value.

I aim to take the uncertainty out of audience engagement and have worked to understand ACE audience participation requirements, including equality objectives, recognising the importance of demonstrating a grasp of audience psychology in grant applications.

How I can Help:

My consultancy takes the form of either –
> The formal completion of audience engagement/marketing documentation, presented in a clear format, suitable to be used as a structured and actionable plan, or supporting evidence for grant applications.
> As hourly consultancy calls on an as-and-when or on-going basis.

Both look to –

> Focus attention on the audience you want to reach and how you’ll reach them.
> Reach out to engaged audiences, particularly people or communities you may not currently be reaching.
> Build deeper relationships with existing audiences, encouraging them to try new experiences or helping them get more out of their experience.
>Dissect your audience’s needs and preferences to ensure they receive maximum value from your work.
> Produce customised and practical engagement strategies, considering your overarching artistic mission and position within the industry.
> Achieve ACE objectives and help deliver improved value from public investment.
> Work through an audiences’ psychological response to your offering, from awareness to choices and decisions, through the emotional journey, their figurative arrival and departure and finally to their memory and future engagement with the arts.
> Identify the needs of local communities and authorities.
> Profile the behaviours and psychographics of your audience to attract commercial sponsorship.
> Deliver your organisation’s personalised Creative Case for Diversity to ACE.
> Ensure you meet the data sharing requirements set by ACE.

I welcome the opportunity to contribute my expertise to achieve your audience engagement objectives.

About me:
Holding a niche Arts Marketing MA and with 12 years experience specialising in the engagement and development of arts audiences, I collaborate with clients to widen reach, create impact and gain audience recognition. My expertise can support the growth of current and new potential audiences, anticipating their preferences, motivations and barriers to participation through a psychological approach.

My passion lies in working with niche and innovative people and projects to develop more relevant audience engagement strategies and in turn enabling more people to choose, create and take part in brilliant arts experiences.

I am the Audience Engagement Advisor for Creative United, UK Ambassador for the Artist Run Alliance and my accredited research into arts audiences has informed widespread accessibility practice.

Pablo Colella
Email: office@disconnectedbodies.co

Visit: https://www.disconnectedbodies.co