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Laura Marie Brown | Marketing, PR and Digital Producer

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I’ve worked in the arts and tourism sector for over 15 years, after a period of time at the BBC. I work with a range of organisations, specialising in festivals and exhibitions. This includes Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, LightNight Liverpool, Liverpool Irish Festival, Homotopia, DuoVision and other. I describe my work as being from strategy to delivery. Organisations bring me in at different stages, this may be project management and supporting an event or campaign, working alongside an in-house marketing team. It may be to support strategic communications and a new approach, how to utilise digital marketing techniques, identify what support or resources an organisations needs, or it may be as a freelancer marketer and PR, managing a campaign from start to finish.

My approach is audience first. I work to identify who an organisation is talking to and wants to talk to. Then I work to make sure they are utilising the right channels to reach and engage with them effectively. I help organisations implement a strategy that includes effective monitoring to support their evaluation. Branding is always key here and I work with outside and in-house branding teams to create the right look and fee, ensuring all assets are accessible, readable an work in different platforms and formats.

Digital marketing is all about telling a story in range of places, helping organisations to do this can help them pivot to a digital first approach, so much of my work involves consultancy as well as delivery, so that organisations can understand what they may need and can increase their own skills and capacity.

As a PR I have a proven track record in securing excellent national and international coverage for clients. As a former award winning journalist I understand what makes a good story and how to pitch to journalists. I also work with organisations to help them take an idea to the pitching stage. It isn’t enough to just send out a press release and hope it works. A press campaign has to be integrated within a marketing campaign and approach.

I love to work with artists and helping them to raise their profile and tell their story. My work with DuoVision has been focused on their exhibitions in Liverpool and in London with artists including Caroline Coon, Pam Hogg and Peter Ashworth.

My background in broadcasting and radio means I also work as a freelance digital producer, supporting organisations in creating content. This may include podcasts, engaging writing and videos to use across platforms. I digitally produce festivals, helping them to plan and coordinate their activity online, using a range of platforms including Zoom, Vimeo and live broadcast on social media channels.

Lastly, I create evaluation reports helping organisations measure what has worked and making these reports suitable for funding applications and future projects.

Laura Marie Brown
Email: laura@lauramariebrown.com
Tel: 07739321279

Visit: https://www.lauramariebrown.com