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Liam Kilby | Digital Project Manager and Consultant

With over ten years of experience in the Arts sector, I have worked with some of the UK’s leading art galleries to manage projects that lead organisations through periods of digital change.

I can help with Website Redevelopments, CRM Implementations, Digital Marketing along with Digital Transformation projects and training.

Current projects include working with Studio Voltaire to deliver a revamped content site and new e-commerce platform for House of Voltaire, alongside implementing a CRM. This project is part of the Bloomberg Digital Accelerator programme.

I worked with the Federation of British Artists and Mall Galleries through a period of digital transformation that delivered new revenue streams, simplified workflows and improved digital skills throughout the organisation.

Liam Kilby
Digital Project Manager and Consultant
Email: reachliamkilby@gmail.com
Tel: 07835 200003

Visit: https://www.liamkilby.com