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Kate Rolfe | Audience and Commercial Development

The Revels Office

Headshot of Kate Rolfe

Kate Rolfe is Director of The Revels Office, which is an organisational, audience and commercial development consultancy.

We work to support arts and heritage organisations to make memories, make money, and make sense.

Established in 2018 by Kate Rolfe, the team is made up only of those who have worked in-house at cultural institutions. Working across sectors and disciplines, we uniquely bridge between cultural purpose, operational reality and financial opportunity, facilitating invaluable exchanges and new solutions.

We exist to make culture more relevant and resilient, and achieve this by transforming the world’s visitor destinations into thriving, highly magnetic places powered by shared experiences, good business, and inspired teams.

• We believe that positive transformation for cultural destinations is essential and urgent.
• Our approach is to facilitate and advise, listening to others and bringing people with us, making sure that internal teams and decision-makers own the process and outcomes.
• We’ve worked with museums that are facing challenging financial realities and see beyond the traditional, obvious or easy solutions.
• We champion equity and inclusivity and created Equality In Focus to help others join us in this work.
• We exist at the cross-over between culture and commerce and navigate this in all our projects.
• We have a wide-skill set in our team, covering visitor experience, public programming, commercial development, fundraising, advocacy, marketing, leadership and governance.
• We have experience looking at cultural assets in new ways, including those connected to digital engagement, well being and community benefit, and national and international reach and impact.

Kate Rolfe
Email: kate@therevelsoffice.co.uk
Tel: 07887565402

Visit: https://www.therevelsoffice.co.uk